Thursday, August 16, 2007

TOUR and a tent full of us.

The Tour has been


but over all of that the tour has been amazing.

Spending time in gods country has been such a beautiful almost life changing experience. We have seen almost all of the east coast. We were lucky enough to have an amazing show in North Carolina, they were quite possibly the kindest people i have ever met, such a respectful crowd...After North Carolina we headed to virginia, the show was good, but after the show we had two on air performances for radio in a city six hours away, so we decided to leave right after the first show in VA so that we would be ontime for the radio show the next morning. So we headed out after, it was a long night of driving, but well worth it because when we got there we were able to locate (due to the fact that we have a GPS device) a local park to set up a tent at and sleep. The radio show was at 8:00 and we got into town around 3:30 so we didn't have too much time to sleep. We fell fast asleep and the alarm clock awoke us at about 7:30 we got up and noticed that around us there were people playing golf. We were too tired the night before to realize that were we had posted our tent was actually a golf course. We had two good interviews at the local radio stations and had a heck of a show that night. After the show we headed to a local club to listen to a very tasty alt. country band, at which kyle was able to hook up with a cocaine addicted 38 year old. We slept in the tent on the golf course that night as well.

NYC...might have been one of the most respectful crowds of tour thus far. Despite its bad rap New York was absolutely phenomenal, A large crowd attended, and the folks that came out were very delightful to play for, i was able to see my good old buddy wes smith as well which was a treat in itself. We are heading to Philly tomorrow and we are very excited. Looks like we might be out on the road much longer than earlier expected, we will be heading out with Brett Dennen early Sept. and with Erin Mckeown during the month of October. Love is it.

such a beauty.

and then us.