Sunday, August 23, 2009

You can speak what you believe, but every thought comes preconceived.

i had made such promises.
"I will write more".
But i have failed the seven people that with time on there hands
might take a glance of this sorry sorry system of blogification.
I am here again,
to spew a couple of thoughtless phrases onto my small laptop
and then send it into the erratic area of cyberness.

On a different note, the vinyl came in last night.
I am excited. I think.
I think that it will be ok.
I have been thinking about the master cleanse again.
cayenne pepper,
syrup (grade b).
and into the depths you will go.
I have thought alot about alot as of late.
but confusion takes the wheel.
I will get over those thoughts,
i always do.

"Mother, my companion, please remember what i said.
I know my words they might confuse you, floatin up inside youre head.
And though you paint your house bright blue, and i paint my house red.
there's always middle ground on which to stand."