Saturday, October 6, 2007

2 Hours later. or, A poolside view of Jersey

again, again.
here we are.
the same cafe.

We have played our first "2" shows with Miss Erin Mckeown.
Amazing person she is.

We were heading towards New york City to play at the Gramercy with her a couple of days ago.
driving (sun up)
driving (sun started to go down)
driving (sun went down)
driving (sun still down)
driving (sun very down)
we drove until three thirty in the morning and found a small
park in new jersey,
next to a shooting range, in what seemed to be an abandoned football field.
We slept well though.
i just bought a new sleeping pad, to help my back adjust to my "new" sleeping choice.
We played in New York and it was quite enjoyable.
I don't love new york.
no not me.
we drove for 2 hours looking for parking.
it smells there.
and people don't seem to be too kind (not all of them though).
after sleeping in an apartment of our good friend "matt wood"/s house.
we were off.
yes yet again.
toward Philladelphia.
we arrived without problems (physical/emotional).
There was a very kind fan/friend waiting outside of the venue, and had been waiting for about three hours.
he gave me a piece of art that he had made for me, making me quite content.
great show in philly.
great people.
great love.

we are running still.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A town called Austintown, a man named.

Tour yet another.
beautiful engagement.
a truthfully honest arrange of feelings.
flood much more frequent.
than when at home.
Though home is no dissapointment.
i miss it some times.
After this tour i will have been out for over three months.
I have never toured before,
and at times it seems overwhelming,
and others it seems so amazing.
most of the time it does.

We are many now.
many beautiful people are scratching the surface of this amazingly
land of love with me.
It is:
and court.
we are friends first and foremost.
after that we play music together.
we have had an amazing time so far.
we stopped off in lincoln to visity my sister and father (mother is away to visit my sister).
it was oh so good to see them.
i love spending time with loves.
love after all is it.
whatever "it" is.

we played a great show to a very attentive crowd in chicago,
after which we stayed with a wonderful friend ashley.

"We're off!" we screamed in the morning.
we drove to a small town about an hour outside of pittsburgh called austintown.
We found a park that stated that it closed at dusk.
We slept there anyways.
it was a windy night.
the wind howled.
we woke to the sound of police cars buzzing outside the tent.
we explained to the officers that we were:
a. poor
b. traveling musicians
c. very respectful.
they left just explaining that we weren't allowed to repeat the offense.
we were off to pittsburgh,
i am currently in the large 15 passenger van writing this and listening to the beautiful voice of Mr. Brinton Jones,
as the others are
fast asleep.


Pittsburgh tonight.