Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Tavern At Hand, A Sword Left Stand.

So much has happened, i don't have any idea of where to start.
I could maybe start out by explaining that my body has
become not only a tad thinner, but that it has become a nezzling (word?)
place for grass critters (i.e. mosquitos, beatles, flies, etc.)
I hope that it ends soon.
We were awoken today by the blistering sun with a view of the beautiful tress
in upstate New York.
We visited Niagara Falls (beautiful)
we opened up for Blood, Sweat, and Tears (8500 people)
We are Blessed.
speak it.
I will post pictures that maybe could explain more than my voice.
I am happy (for now)
but have not been (for future/past)
How can this become something glorious?
i hope,
and always will.
We are now in Boston,
The red sox won today.
be safe,
wherever you all might be,
because for me,
and for mine,
we are on the verge,
on the verge of a new civilization,
to find,
to hold,
to conquer,
to leave,
to live,
and to never look back,
for now is our time,
and now is all the time we have.