Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Night's Sun is a Terribly Beautiful Place.

I have seen a great divorce stretch across the western plains.
Consuming from the bottom, every passion every saved.
And i can't justify destruction of these thoughts my mind has made.
There ain't no use for a frail and weakened state.
There ain't no pardon for decisions that i make.

Well, I have leveled all the options in every corner of my mind.
Made apocryphal arrangements with the lord of lust and i,
can't bring myself to tell a single word without sounding like a liar.
Twenty Five years and i've grown tired.
Good God! Watch your son as he's on fire.

There is beauty to be found in the darkness that we create.
Absolution for the conscience of a tortured, beaten state.
I've been carried out by demons, i have seen the face of Cane.
My body can't quite make it to the gate.
My back is being crushed beneath the weight.

I've found a perfect venom to push confusion from my head.
The white path leads to heaven, but i chose the path thats red.
And i could follow to the bottom, but i'll float alone instead.
Hoping for your sake it ain't my pride.
As i'm drifting further deep into the tide.

-Joshua (in a constant state of remorse)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Working hard, hardly working. Hey man, you know me.

The old gang ain't around no more.
But i still seem to get my hands into a bit of trouble,
every now and again.
It appears that we will be visiting the great and
unstoppable city of LONDON again.
How i love it there.
Beauty all around.
I have been here,
finding a place..
anywhere (really)
that i can just say.
Here it is.
Here I AM.
this is what i plan on..
et cetera.
It is so strange to be here.
Never thought it possible.
oh yes..
but alas.
I somehow have arrived to (it).
We will be touring come early april for about a month.
SXSW we will play.
its a quick trip in.
and a faster trip out.
weddings and work.
work and weddings.
dear brother,
i know that you are about to wed (thyself)
be happy in your endeavours.
your loving one (brother).