Friday, December 7, 2007

Mouth, or bigger than a bubble.

I didn't mean to say that i disliked New York,
There were definitely alot of kind, thoughtful, sincere people
that i was able to meet/greet/share with.
I appreciate them all.
New York I am sorry.
I am, i hope love is still there.
I am now in Denver
What a crowd.
What people.
How kind
How true.
I appreciated their quiteness,
their applause,
their thoughtfullness.
To it i love.
Thank you.
David Gray is phenomenal, what a man.
what a voice, what a true person.
Love is still laughter,
and i am still getting older.


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

New Yourk what? without the "you"

funny how that always floats to the top.
I am very tempermental.
Maybe i should leave it at that.
i probably won't.
Nope. I won't.
We are in Boston, very excited to play tonight.
New York was hard,
hard for me.
to relate/express/feel/etc.
But tonight will be different.
Tonight i will try and ummmm....dazzle?
i don't know, i will try and do something.
I am very excited.
I will play with my heart out.
My soul out, my love out.
Here we go.
loving is lying isn't the worst?

Monday, December 3, 2007

Could it be kinder, or, there is water in the well to be had!

VELOUR on November 30th.
was incredible, i am so sorry that there were people that were waiting out in the rainy rainy
weather. The show went so well, and we were thrilled to have such a wonderful group of people to
play for.

The trip.
the trip to canada, toronto was a long trip.
We made it safe, but sound.
We tried to save money by taking public transportation to the show
at MASSEY HALL... was sort of a nightmare to say the least.
It took 2 hours to get to a place that should've taken only
15 min.
But we made it.
I had no idea how amazing Canada could be.
the people were so receptive, David and his crew were so amazingly nice.
We could not have paid for a better group of people
to share our feelings/music/adventures with.
loved it.