Thursday, October 11, 2007

A long time here, or, sorry this isn't the correct answer

We have had such a great.
friendship builder.


so we are sleeping in tents (most of the time)
we are eating peanut butter sandwiches (most of the time)


we have love
and each other.
we are traveling craftsman,
our craft is music,
and love,
and respect
truth, and some lies.

last night we played in Knoxville Tennessee.
to four people.
those four people were attentive.
and we played our guts out,
i played on my knees half the night,
and we improved for about fifteen minutes after a rendition of FM Radio.
it was quite swell...


we went on the most amazing hike of my life today.
in a town they call Asheville,
located in North Carolina,
we headed up the mountain
found our souls,
and headed back down.
we slept at a catholic church last night,
and it was brisk.
almost cold, but not cold enough to call it cold,
more brisk than anything.
we slept well, and we were not interrupted by the police this time.
We slept in until ten.
we have driven across the country and we are now
going to be performing at the GreyEagle in North Carolina with
she is sweet.
sweet as butter.
we love her.
pictures will be posted very soon.

terribly yours.