Thursday, August 23, 2007

TOUR more Grand Rapids, or the day comes the officer arrived wearing nothing but a neckbrace

WE had no show last night (a day off), and spent the day at the GR library.
we ate tuna fish sandwiches, salt and vinegar potato chips, and had our daily vitamins.
I miss home sometimes, but sometimes i don't.

We went to barnes and noble after the library,
Court fell asleep on the couch, kyle finished his daily intake of cosmopolitan
and I read a book on Leonard Cohen.
love is in the air.
is summer over?
well almost over i suppose.
We are back at the library, we are taking baths in the bathroom here.
not too hard to do to be quite honest.
you have to find a way to wash your body from a sink, but very doable.
I think we smell, but its hard to say.

Last night we camped out at the local zoo again.
Good nights rest except for the furious rain storm that came.
Lots of rain, lots of water.
VERY humid!

We woke up to the sound of a local police officers voice.
WE got out and explained our situation..

"sir we are traveling gypsies." i told the man.

he took our id's to make sure nothing was unsound in our past.
We packed up the tent and left.
The corolla is getting worn down, draggin that trailer isn't its favorite job.

we got a show tonight.

We are heading home soon. We will be there for about two days before we leave for NY again.
Brett Dennen tour should be fun.
I have met him numerous times and seems to be a very down to earth individual.


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

TOUR and a Rain Storm in the Rapids, or, Please do not reshelve these books, etc.

Yet one more,
two more.
days are blending in to the latter and there is light and the end of this misleading tunnel.
Shows are tough at best sometimes, playing for not so interested folks.
I try not to let it get me down,
but hard at best
again, not best though.

We played last night in Ann Arbor, MI a beautiful venue with the Avett Brothers.
The show went well.
We left and tried to find a local park in the area (the time was approx. 1:00 am)
our search proved to be fruitless.
We decided to start driving towards Grand Rapids, and maybe find a park on the way,
we visited many, but yet again very fruitless, every single one was either closed,
or didn't exist (GPS problems).

We finally made it about 30 min. outside of Grand Rapids, the time said 4:07 am.
We pulled into a residential area and found a beautiful little park nestled amongst the large modern looking
homes of Michigan. We pulled up and were dead tired, we found the strength to set up the tent and climb inside
to sleep.
We awoke around 7:01 am to thunder and our rain fly skimpering off to the trees.
We broke camp immediately and sat in the car soaking wet, frustrated, and tired.
We drove to Grand Rapids and sat in a mcdonalds for reasons unknown for about 2 hours.
around 9:46 we decided to find another park (seeing as how the storm had let up) and try our luck at the sleeping thing yet again.
We arrived at the local zoo, and pitched our tent near the parking lot, we were fast asleep.
dead sleep.
around 11:30 it started getting quite warm, four boys, hot tent, and sleeping bags.
we unzipped the front door and let the breeze blow in.
Felt incredible.
around 12:09 a hornet flew in and awakened us quite promptly.
we got out.

we layed our sleeping bags in the sun,
ate pop tarts.
talked about the beauty of the trees.
drank water.
brushed teeth.
packed the tent and left.

we are now at a local library.

Kyle is reading Cosmpolitan.
Court is reading "Painting in the Louvre", "blink", and "Nietzsche"
I am writing this...thinking. and lonely.
a bit cold, but comfortable.
still tolerable.
loved you.

gang three.
gang green.


Monday, August 20, 2007

TOUR and this has to be too real for words, or, even you could sing songs like these.

There are things that have happened on this tour, that have been amazing.
There are things that have happened on this tour, that have been disastorous.
But all together, with those holding hands in the pouring rain of Dayton Ohio it has been life changing (for me)

I love.

Things that have not been mentioned in the blog but should have been:

- we blew a tire on our way to North Carolina, the experience was quite frightening to say the least.
- Kyle has a new preference of love that shouldn't be put into more detail.
- We played in a basement at a club called the underground after our show in philly to 25 people, at a bachelor party, the sound guy was so beside himself when he found out he couldn't run sound, to those 25 people we sold 7 records, we don't know how, but did.
- We have met amazing people in every single town.
- We slept in a dormitory at Carnegie Mellon University after staying up until 3:30 am to discuss our fears, and the bases of baseball. (We appreciate the hospitality Jessica and Lauren)
- We have seen a quarter of this amazing country and only a fraction of that quarter.
- We have come to conclusion that Kyle has no use when it comes to backing up the trailer.
- We have listened to Paranoid Android around 15 times on the road
- We realized the true meaning of "Lechitin"
- We played in the battering rain of Dayton Ohio on the 20th of August for more than an hour, which for me brought me to almost crying after realizing that happiness doesn't come from my prior neccesitation of things.
- We have come to conclusion that we can eat breakfast/lunch and or dinner for less than four dollars for all three of us.
- We have learned to love each other.
- Kyle was able to pick up two women in Orlando and become good friends.

People to thank (not including everyone up until this time)

- Ma and Pa James
- Lauren Lee
- Jamie and Danny
- Scott Smith
- Wes Smith
- Shannon Edgar
- CAA booking (Mathew and Buster)
- Miss Jenna (hotel and wonderful friendship)
- Todd Coder (Bham allstar)
- Melissa Brannin
- Casey Jones
- Stephen Devries and co.
- Nate Edwards and associates
- Jodi (NY) for the wonderful book
- Matt Wood
- Gravity Lounge
- Nick (radio stations and such a wonderful friendship)
- The Evening Muse
- Emma Bear
- Ashley James
- Miss Barnum
- Universal Records (for the great stay in NY)
- Jay Harren
- Rico
- anyone and everyone who has helped us out with our almost foolish dream. (sorry if we didn't mention you on this)

we all cried.