Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sing Song, Read Words, Learn Love

Trial, now tell me.
Trial, now tell me.

I am home,
have been for days now.
good to be home,
to rest,
to breathe,
to eat,
to sleep.

It looks like we leave again tomorrow for the open road.
for another beautiful adventure.
To conquer the world one soul at a time.
We will drive tomorrow to Lincoln to visit my folks and sister
then from there off to Chicago,
very excited about going back to Chicago,
i absolutely loved it last time I was there.
I pray to have a good experience,
a healthy and enjoyable one.
Where sharing becomes natural,
beautiful even.
I want that.
We will be out until October 27th,
then i will be home for awhile (i hope)
unless something comes up, and i must leave
to sing songs,
to read words,
and to relearn love.
learning always i suppose.
aren't we?