Monday, April 27, 2009

another note of obsure dysfuntction

i have given in to society (in a baaaaad way)

go figure it out now.

It takes a wind storm to get you to think about your mother. It takes a rain storm to stop you!

There has been so much that has happened/been seen since Grand Rapids, Michigan.
After our luxurious stay with good friends in the wild woods of michigan we were off.
Our minds full of hope/doubt.
But our wills stronger than before.
Having rejuvenated our spirits.
We took off for Minneapolis.
It was a very enjoyable show.
We have currently been touring with the wonderman "Rocco Deluca".
He surely is a treat to watch/behold.
After the show we started towards Madison, WI.
We were searching for a place to lay our tired heads.

The place we found was a well known american tourist attraction
known as the "Rest Stop".
We pulled off to the side of the road.
There are three of us.
We can't all fit (sleeping) in the van.
Evan and myself decided to venture off into the wild
to make a claim on land (sleeping wise).
We set up a very poorly manufactured tent about twenty yards from the snoaring semis that haunted my dreams that night.

No more than twenty minutes after we had crawled into our cave of dreams
did the rains/winds/devils start to approach us.
The wind whistled.
The rain whipped.
The devils cried.
We were frightened/excited/exhausted.
The poor tent bent in half under the weight of the elements.
Our hearts were full of thunder.
We were forced to hold the four walls up of the tent to keep it from breaking.
God was relentless in his demands.
"More wind" he moaned.
"More rain, give them more rain!"

I couldn't believe his relentless anger.
The rain wouldn't let up.
The wind got worse.
We heard thunder.
We felt lightning (everywhere).
There was a time when we thougth that the whole tent would blow away with us inside it.

For thirty minutes we battled with god for the piece of land that we had claimed that night.
He with his wind and rain.
Us with our minds and strength.

He was no match for us!

The wind began to die down, as did the rain.
We layed our heads down, and listened to the trickle of tears from heaven.
It was a magical night.
I couldn't ask for more anger/fury/experience than that.

We woke up next morning, the rain was still coming down.
There was water in the tent.
We were wet, but happy.
We were haggered, but strong.
We got in the van and headed for Madison.

The brakes in the van went out.
But it was sunday.
We could find no assistance
(have to get to the show)
excuse me mr. could you help us with...
(have to get to the show)
oh, this is not...
(have to get to the show)
we made it to the show.

it was a very very very enjoyable experience (it'was).
we packed the van up right after the show.
We had a very long drive ahead of us.

We headed to lincoln, NE that night (11pm was takeoff)
I decided to drive the whole way.
i am not the best night driver.
but i am determined.
I was off.
Oh god help me.
i was exhausted upon arriving home.
It rained the entire trip.
What elements.
What luck.
What a life.

oh boy, i love it!