Thursday, October 8, 2009

We have arrived here, please be patient with us.

The time has arrived to leave the country.
We are ever so excited.
I wish it comes and goes like all days.
But with BALLOONS.
and excitement.
Ahoy Japan!

We leave tomorrow morning from Boston, MA to play
Asigiri ROCK. a musical festivity that will take place
just outside of TOKYO.

The tour has been stupendous for us all.
And it has been terribly painful at the same time.
We have lightened hearts and are ready for what is to come
from the second half of the US tour.
There has been a Salt Lake City, and Los Angeles date added to the end of the tour.
In case there are any out there that are in those areas.

Los Angeles : The Hotel Cafe (21+) on Nov. 16
Salt Lake City : The State Room on Nov. 20

We most recently slept in a rest area in Roanoke, VA
the wind seemed mellow.
We arrived around 10:30 PM
we layed our sleeping bags underneath a picnic area
(Two lads in each area, because they were very small gazebos)
The night seemed promising.
At around 12:30 AM, the winds began to moan.
The rain started and we had to mount ontop of picninc tables
to minimize the rain damage to our sleeping equipment.
The winds wouldn't stop,
they were fierce.
with pain.
moaning and lamenting against who?
i am not sure.
BUT THEY WERE up in arms.
we made it through.
The morning came.
and all was well.

MUCH respect to such strength.

joshua and the great northplatte