Friday, March 21, 2008

Call Me A Liar, Call Me, oh Call Me.

I have been.
or just haven't written.
Hard to say.
Here i am though.
Great news, great good news.
We will be leaving on tour for a good long
starting June 3rd,
starting in Portland, Oregon.
and hitting almost every major
city in the united states of america.
Very excited about it all.
very oh very.
I get confused so often though.
Plant your feet to the ground isn't what i say, but do.
quite phenomenal the feeling.

I recently played two shows in Provo, UT (A lonely night)
at VELOUR live music gallery.
Some of my most favorite shows that i have ever played were those.
If there is anyone reading this that went to support, thank you.
THank you, THank you, THank you.
honest to goodness ...and now a quote.
for old times sake...

"You try and take what they have stolen,
or try and break what can't be broken,
you can speak what you believe,
but every thought comes preconceived,
We try and wash our hand from this
clear our conscience and dismiss,
pretend these problems don't exist,
we're taking aspirin for a broken wrist"

love you all.
forever and ever.
till death i suppose