Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Passing of Time. A Passing of Touch. A Return to the Road.

I apologize for:

not entering any stories, information and or thoughts for awhile.
I am trying my hardest to REPENT.

alot has happened as of lately.
some of them include:

- the finishing of the next record
- the finishing of an ep (after the record)
- building of the largest snowman in my neighborhood
- a beautiful tour along the west coast and into Arizona.
- many other things that are currently slipping my mind right now.

As for the last tour that we went on i will try and give a quick detailed message.

Logan, UT:
We arrived at the venue and found out that the capacity was 49.
The club fit in well over 100.
The fire marshall showed up and removed all but that capacity of 49.
The venue refused to refund money to those that were forced out.
We decided to play some songs on the street for them.
We also decided to play two different sets, so that those that had to leave could come back at a later time and hear some songs that we sing.
It was alltogether a great night.

Los Angeles, CA:
We played at the hotel cafe which is always great.
We made many mistakes.
We saw Masao from Japan
We were able to see very many good friends.
We met with Capitol Records.
We saw Joe vomit for 10 minutes in Richards bathroom.

Hermosa Beach, CA:
We played to a louder club this night.
We hung with Lex Land and her friend.
Lexes friend hydroplaned and almost killed us by driving into the median on the highway going 75 miles an hour.

San Diego, CA:
We opened for Greg Laswell
The club sold out.
We played well i believe.
We met many good friends that night.
Evan drank too much.
We danced in the rain.
We slept partially uncomfortable (because of the wet clothing)

Tucson, AZ
We climbed a mountain
Evan took pictures on the mountain.
We screamed from the Mountain.
Kissle mooned us from the mountain.
We played to a full club.
We slept in the van (uncomfortable)

Phoenix, AZ
we played to an AMAZING sitting down group of kind people.
we made mistakes.
We drove through the night to make it home.
Nate and Kissle drove through the night to make it home.
The snow was insane.
We were insane.

-we made it home safely.

we are home now.
promise to blog again soon.

The new record is due out in JUNE 2009.
be kind.