Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Queen of Grocers

It has been a marvelous day here in London,
A sight for seeing we saw.
Big Ben, wow! what an amazing site.
We visited all the main sites near Parliament etc.
It was such an incredible thing to see.
I couldn't help but think of my father all the while.
He lived in England for awhile and i thought of him as i am now,
and it makes me quite happy.

After the sites to see visit we headed to an
extremely fancy and (in my opinion) very overpriced grocery market.
Shannon (manager) was on a search for
nine different jams/jellies to bring back to the states.
We arrived to the spectacular site and began searching we found
everything from rose pedal jelly
to "gentleman's relish", it was quite spectacular really.
I suppose i never really knew that such places existed.
After a 147 pound (roughly $250) jam and jelly visit we
were spent (grocerly speaking).
We decided to go to a cheese bar.
We had bleu and brie cheese.
It was ABSOLUTELY spectacular.
We just arrived back to the hotel to get ready for the
party that is being thrown by our new found London based friends.
We also just got word that we will be in London for a couple of more days
due to some record label interest, we will enjoy every second of it.
and with a good slice of cheese at that.
what a world we are living in friends!

joshua (the searcher)

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Informant of sorts

We played our last show (this go at it)
last night here in London.

This has been a marvelous trip thus far,
and am not looking forward to boarding the plane home.
We still have two whole days left and we plan
to make the most of it.
More shwarmas last night at maroush,
and delightful it was.
There is something in the light here (dull as it may be)
that intoxicates you.
Fills you, and boils you down.
Makes what you truly were meant to be come washing out.
I suppose i know nothing,
I know that really.
But the sensation of living here in tangible.
We have big plans coming.
I question it all sometimes.
Music and all.
But i suppose without questioning you get no answer.
so here is to questioning.
A toast of fable.
A tale of myth.


Joshua (in the forest)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Love Maroush!

What a day, what a day.
After a long hard search today we finally found a place that was able to fix the guitar.
The guitar (right before sound check) was up and running.
We showed up to "Dirty Boots"
tonight, which is where we were going to play.
And we realized that not only is this a music club,
but also a bowling alley.
We were last (went on around 10:00 pm)
after two rock and roll bands.
Seeing as how we are a Neo-Alt-Post-Prog-Folk Duo
we had some shoes to fill to show the crowd WHO was boss.
And that we did (or atleast attempted)
We played (what felt like) a solid set of songs,
and put our hearts on the line.

After the show we spent some time talking to some incredibly kind locals.
We talked/laughed/ and planned a very insanely promising party in east london
for this upcoming saturday.
I cannot wait, and will send all details post party mr. james.
We took a cab back to the hotel and stopped by a place called
"Maroush" which sells authentic Lebanese food.
I purchased myself a mixed schwarma wrap.
Basically lamb meet and chicken with some incredibly exquisite seasonings and vegetables.
It made my heart phenomenally warm.
indeed i do.
here is to london,
the cold,
the rain,
the friends,
the way (to live is to love)


to the moon we go all together now.
joshua (the tyrant of the seas)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Just one step on the train leaves the other foot behind.

What a day what a bloody day.
So much to tell, and so much sleep to get.
I will make this brief (in theory)

We decided to take the tube to the show tonight.
In our possession was a 125 lb. suitcase containing an amp and other tricks and treats,
three guitars, and three backpacks.
There is a total of three of us here.
It took us 40 minutes of scaling stairs dozens of times
with all of our musical weight to get to the venue.
Upon arrival we were told that we would be getting a very very brief soundcheck.
still everything was fine (seemed fine).
I plugged my guitar only to find out that the pickup had broken on the way over to the UK.
no worries (i thought)
I will just borrow a guitar from one of the other bands.
"YES yes" one of them said,
"you can use my guitar".
I was thrilled.
Ok, it won't be that bad after all.

SO we went on.
during the second song i heard the guitar (that was borrowed)
slowly fade to its powerless death.
The battery died in the guitar and once again i had no guitar,
but this time it was in front of a venue of people.
so the sound man put a mic on it, that in all reality didn't work too well.
We did our best the rest of the set.
and HOPE that noone was disappointed (completely)
and with that PRAYER i leave you.


joshua and the bandit.

Shannon, The Tremor King

We arrived safely yesterday afternoon to London.
There was a bit of shaking of the plane on the way over.
But such is the life of the average airplane.

The real story doesn't lie with the airplane,
the ride over, or the beautiful scenery upon our arrival.
No the real story doesn't lie with any of that.
The TRUE story lies with my manager Shannon,
or rather the way he doesn't LIE STILL at all.

Upon inspection of our London hotel room,
we realized that there was only sleeping accommodations for two.
And that is a problem seeing as how there is THREE of us.
This was no new scenario for Evan and I, we have dealt with much
unkinder accommodations in the past, so we did what any normal
people would do and we pushed the two twin beds together for a
comfy night sleep in London town.
Seeing as how none of us got much sleep on the plane trip over,
we were in bed by 10:00 PM or so (London time).
The bed wasn't massive by any stretch of the imagination,
but it wasn't TERRIBLE either.
I felt like living.
about 15 minutes into out slumber there were large tremors
attacking our bed. Almost shaking me off of edge.
This happened every 5-10 minutes throughout the night due
to SHANNON'S inability to lie still.
It seems that his body has some sort of problem with involuntary
seizuring throughout the REM cycle. I was blown away.
I suppose it wasn't JUST that that contributed to the terrible night of
attempted sleep.
About 4am SHANNON begins to do this tremolo snoring.
Snoring sounds that noone (i truly believe) has ever heard before.
This had to have been the first time this noise had ever been made by a human.
It was like a convulsing monkey yelp.
I was so close to attempted murder it frightened me.
Please bless that something happens to him today.
joking (sort of)
I can't talk about this anymore it's giving me anxiety.
Shannon the tremor king,
what a sorry state that man is in right now.

here is to LONDON TOWN.