Thursday, December 16, 2010

A letter from Lloyd to Lisa

Dearest Lisa.
The weather was nice hear today. I couldn't believe the amount of sparrows overhead on our walk to the beach. It's magnificent what the world has to offer to onlookers such as us. Two kids now, can you believe it?
Funny how time seems to just slip out from underneath us.
I have had a weight.
And yes...I KNOW that this might sound so simple, even silly.
But, where are you?
I feel your emptiness,
I feel the void between where we were, and where we are.
I want to fill it, to make it go.
To remove ourselves from its terrible presence.
Alas, my love, i cannot.
here we lie.
I ask forgiveness if it was i who brought down such a drought.
Such a terrible disaster.
I have never wanted anything more than i want this.
you, my love, are eternal.
There is a darkness.
You are a light.