Saturday, December 15, 2007

Happy Xmas (War is Over!)

War is over,
whether you want it to be or not is entirely up to you.
But it is over.
in our minds
our thoughts
and our deeds
And all of those things are ...
once again up to us.
We are all in it together.

recently i released a Holiday Ep called Fields & Floods
i recorded the record at my home last winter, and did 10 songs.
well only 7 of them made it to the record.
One of them that did not is a song written by the late John Lennon
called Happy Xmas (War Is Over). I sung it with my lover Emma.
it is fun, and free at the following site:

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Trouble is as trouble does, or, Bend that like a 40

Postitively truely Inspiring

So last night was the last night of the David Gray tour,
I would be fibbing if i were to say that i wasn't a bit down about the whole situation.
But i will get along.
It has been such an honor/privelege/dream to be able to go out and
play for is adoring fans. Such people, such kind thoughtful people.
After the show last night there was a "aftershow party"
I was able to meet the famous "Tiffany" and her husband.
Funny, seeing as how just weeks before this tour i purchased here
cassette tape from the 80's at a five and dime.

Briliantly yours tumbling.
I can't but decide to keep on.
I loved it as much as anyone.
you aren't the same as you were.
Changing isn't part of your verb.
So i took it down,
drowned it out,
let it bleed,
Hid the sound.
And the day it came
that trouble found
its way back in
to my soft ground.
I couldn't stop
not if i tried
to blackened lungs
and suicide.


Monday, December 10, 2007

Nervous? Well people should keep moving.

Los Angeles California.
Wow, what a crowd,
what people.
I had such an amazing time playing for
the city of angels here.
in the beautiful country of california.
So happy, so thrilling.
I can't believe,
i try to but can't
the fact that people can be so unexpectedly
such a wonderful time to be alive.
Crying might be the only option on a night like that.
One more show with the wonderful Mr. Gray and its over.
True but sad.
One more night.