Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Trouble is as trouble does, or, Bend that like a 40

Postitively truely Inspiring

So last night was the last night of the David Gray tour,
I would be fibbing if i were to say that i wasn't a bit down about the whole situation.
But i will get along.
It has been such an honor/privelege/dream to be able to go out and
play for is adoring fans. Such people, such kind thoughtful people.
After the show last night there was a "aftershow party"
I was able to meet the famous "Tiffany" and her husband.
Funny, seeing as how just weeks before this tour i purchased here
cassette tape from the 80's at a five and dime.

Briliantly yours tumbling.
I can't but decide to keep on.
I loved it as much as anyone.
you aren't the same as you were.
Changing isn't part of your verb.
So i took it down,
drowned it out,
let it bleed,
Hid the sound.
And the day it came
that trouble found
its way back in
to my soft ground.
I couldn't stop
not if i tried
to blackened lungs
and suicide.



EricRyan said...

Buffalo James,

I saw you in concert opening for David Gray at the Wiltern (The Sunday Show). Question for you---Are you going to release any of that material on disc---the acoustic stuff???---it was so intense and powerful...my brother and I in the front row were blown away...it was a real privilige to watch you up there rock out solo. Another thing, I noticed some of the songs you played...the rock/blues song, and the very first song of the night aren't on your "The Sun is Always Brighter" record :0(. Can we get those somehow?

Keep up the great work.
You're a gem.

Happy Holidays

Courtney said...

Hey there,

I recently discovered your music when I was searching iTunes for Christmas music. Your talent is amazing, and I love your musical style...a little dark, but smooth...relaxing, yet thought-provoking.

Anyway, please come to Memphis! Any plans to head South?? I hope so!

Merry Christmas and hope to see you in Memphis in 2008...

-Courtney S.

Nick D said...

If you ever come through Evansville, IN, get ahold of me - you'll be warmly welcomed here. You could do a living room concert, or play in our barn - it wouldn't be the first time someone's played music in there, but it would be the first time someone good has played in there. Love Love the album + Christmas album. Bought them both for my cousins, brothers, friends. Best to you for the Holidays.

Anonymous said...

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