Saturday, February 13, 2010

This ain't yo BEEF.

I am a waste (alot of the time).
I shop and purchase most items that are found on my body and inside my house
from a local thrift store called "Deseret Industries"
or for the local folk "DI".

There are many reasons why i enjoy going to DI.
Of course you have your obvious reasons such as low cost,
older clothing, and the thrill of not knowing what will be there that day.
BUT have the bigger reasons of going there.

I suppose it just sort of blows my mind that i see the exact
same people there EVERY single time that i go.
I am one of those people,
but the culture of DI is astounding,
and should possibly be studied at some fancy University in the future.
And it isn't just the fact that it is the same people,
its also the fact that they all wait outside the doors at 9:55,
and when the doors DO open, it is such an extreme event.
People are pushing, shoving, running, screaming.
And this happens EVERY SINGLE DAY (minus Sundays and holidays).

today i went to DI,
I waited outside the doors just like all of my other thrift store comrades
until they opened them at 10am on the button.
I walked inside and started heading to the back of the store.
There was a "heated" conversation going on amongst the employees
of my favorite thrift store.
I remember it going like this:

Employee 1: "Hey, you better leave her alone!"
Employee 2: "This ain't none of yo' beef, you just stick yo' nose out of it."
Employee 1: "You better watch yourself, we got problems now.

As this is all happening there is a mysterious "Employee 3" that was slowly walking away (i am assuming she was the girl that the two boys were fighting over.)

After "Employee 1" had said that "we got problems now" Employee 2 walked directly up to him and put his nose right in his face, saying:

Employee 2: "Oh yeah, whatchyou gun do now withyo' problum?"

I was amazed that no management and or coworker had stepped in to see what "da beef" was all about.

Employee 1: "I wouldn't recommend doing that, I'm gonna find you later, after work, you better leave her alone, or else!!."
Employee 2: "Pssshhhh."

"Employee 2" walked away and into the back room.

Now i know this isn't the most amazing story, or even a good story at that.
But for me it was something exciting that happened in my otherwise boring day.
And gave me yet another reason to go thrift shopping more often.

If either of the employees ever see this (which is highly improbable).
I thank you both!

valentine oh valentine.
love abounds.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Russian Mafia on the plane ride home.

oh my.
I just got home from London, England.
How amazing it was.
The food, the people, the music.
I can't properly describe everything that happened.
So, I won't.
Despite the fact that the trip was amazing,
the trip home was...well...
and LONG.

We woke up at 5am (London time) to get ready to head to the airport.
The trip to the airport was just fine.
Upon entering into airport security i was immediately searched.
My bags torn open and things spread out.
It took me honestly thirty minutes just to pack my backpack.
It was quite difficult to make everything fit.
After nothing harmful was found in my bags
i was permitted to head to the gate.
Upon arriving about 200 feet from the gate there was yet another search.
My bag was reopened and searched for a second time.
At this point of the trip i was frustrated.
But, i understand.
Better safe than sorry.
We boarded the train, and soon enough we were sailing smoothly across the world
towards NYC. We arrived to New York City safe and sound.
Despite the fact that i was subjected to a terrible movie.
I believe it was called "The invention of Lying"
that is me being as honest as abe.
The plane ride was seven hours to NYC.

we had a FIVE HOUR LAY OVER in New York City.
Son of a b.... it was terrible.
and waiting,
and looking,
and listening.
It really was torturous.
But alas, we made it through.

We boarded the last plane to head to SLC.
I was sitting in my assigned seat, which was
31D, this was an aisle seat.
I was sitting there, calm, collected, peaceful,
waiting for the rest of the passengers to take their seats.
he appeared.
from the midst of the front of the plane,
a gigantic, crunchy faced, trench coat wearing mafia man.
As he came closer, i had no doubt that he would be the one to
be sitting next to me.
and i was right.

Now this man did NOT speak english.
he looked at me and grunted as he pointed to the inside middle seat.
So i calmly unbuckled my seat belt and stood up, so that he would
be able to seat himself.
The man looked at me and half smiled as he pushed me (literally pushed)
to the middle seat. I was confused.
Was he assuming that i would just take that sort of treatment,
that i would just cave?
Damn that man!
he was right, i did cave.
what i ninnie i have become.
The whole plane trip home he would say things in some dark obscure language
that noone including myself understood.
He bullied the stuartesses into giving him free wine.
It was an outrageous scene.

As the plane landed he forced his way to the front to be the first person off
of the plane.
I can't say i was sad when he left my side.
The trip home was a torture.
But, i am home.

to the world we owe everything!
forget me not kindness.


Monday, February 8, 2010

I bid thee adieu, my love

To the world of wonders in which we have been.
I bid thee adieu.
It has been an incredible journey (I thank thee).
here in London.
The party that happened the other night was STUPENDOUS.
The food that was made was out of this world.
It was traditionally a middle eastern gourmet.
We all played and sang music until around 4am.
It was an unbelievable experience.
I appreciate them so much.
(them being those that invited us and let us join their group).
It was good.

We are in London still.
We were supposed to leave on sunday but due
to some meetings that were scheduled (last minute)
we have decided to stay here a couple of more days.
And this is NOT me complaining.
I really do love it here.
There have been talks of coming back soon.
And that comes with time.

My brother is getting married.
I am getting older.
Life is as wild as we all are.
Make it your own.
We all are our own!

heading back home tomorrow morning.
One more pub visit.

sisters of mercy!
joshua (a forced geranium)