Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Beatiful Start to a Beautiful Life (Day One)

yet again,
the wild,
the untamed.
the Dirty.
the unashamed.

Again, we (we being six)
have ventured to the great
river that is unforgiving (the road)
bold, and beautiful
lush, and true.

We (we being six)
left on a the beautiful morning of
June 10th,
love in our hearts,
song on our breath.
45 minutes into the drive..

ran out of gas..
incredibly humiliating,
Kissel (drummer boy) and myself hitched into the nearest
town to purchase some gasoline.
we hitched back,
put in the gasoline,
and we were on our way.

the first show of the tour was on a beautiful St. Georgian Farm
called Staheli Farm.
The crowd/people was absolutely phenomenal.
We are in love,
in love.
in love.

with the idea of freedom.
trueness, and love.

After the show we were fortunate enough to
receive the gift of sleep/salvation from a friend.
We were able to play ping pong a bit, and relax our minds.

We don't sound like anyone (we hope)
But if we do, we pray that they are sincere.

j. (and brothers)