Monday, July 21, 2008

Starting on a new leg, a broken bow, a crooked arrow, you and i?

SO much as happened, i would be lying if i were to even try and deceive you all
with saying that this short post will mention half of the amazing and yet
often depressing things that have happened to us recently.
Our leg with Will Dailey and his amazing group of bandits is over.
We are very very sad,
we love them so.
We are now with Corey Chisel and his wandering sons.
It is quite delightful.
This Tuesday will be our 6 week mark on the road,
and our bones, and bodies have grown quite tired to say the least.
But we venture on with heart,
with soul,
with anger,
with vengance,
The shows have recently been quite amazing.
We saw Chris Rock in Chicago.
We are currently in Ann Arbor,
we are enamored with the Nutkins Family (Grand Rapids, MI)
Kindness still prevails in the heart of man (so we hope)

To Death (I'm Dying)
To Love (I'm Trying)
To God (I'm Lying again)
To my Ma (I've failed you)
To my Pa (It's blamed you)
To God (I have shamed you again)

this and all of this is a test,
of beauty and or malace.
i pray.
forever yours,