Monday, July 21, 2008

Starting on a new leg, a broken bow, a crooked arrow, you and i?

SO much as happened, i would be lying if i were to even try and deceive you all
with saying that this short post will mention half of the amazing and yet
often depressing things that have happened to us recently.
Our leg with Will Dailey and his amazing group of bandits is over.
We are very very sad,
we love them so.
We are now with Corey Chisel and his wandering sons.
It is quite delightful.
This Tuesday will be our 6 week mark on the road,
and our bones, and bodies have grown quite tired to say the least.
But we venture on with heart,
with soul,
with anger,
with vengance,
The shows have recently been quite amazing.
We saw Chris Rock in Chicago.
We are currently in Ann Arbor,
we are enamored with the Nutkins Family (Grand Rapids, MI)
Kindness still prevails in the heart of man (so we hope)

To Death (I'm Dying)
To Love (I'm Trying)
To God (I'm Lying again)
To my Ma (I've failed you)
To my Pa (It's blamed you)
To God (I have shamed you again)

this and all of this is a test,
of beauty and or malace.
i pray.
forever yours,


Anonymous said...

If you don't have a place to lay you head tonight please make your way back to GR.
enamored too

Anonymous said...

I'd been hoping for a line or two about your Athens leg. I was there. It was rockin' but not too much. Just right. I was introduced to Lex Land and Will Dailey. Thank you for the introduction. And thank you for playing Winter Storm. It's a favorite.

Telenomy said...

Saw you in Buffalo (opening for BS&T's). I really didn't know what to make of your sound at the time .. very different .. and in that crowd it was hard to be sure. So I bought your CD and it's rapidly becoming one of my favorites. I enjoy your music, I enjoy the fact that you actually have something to say with your songs! Congratulations on your performance here. Wish you success in the future.

I doubt it will be necessary but the next time your in this area contact me, I'll see to it that you and your entourage have a proper hotel room(s)

Trée said...

Jousha, discovered your music last week. Absolutely wonderful melodies supporting lyrics heartfelt, sincere, authentic. I've bought everything you have out. Produce more, so I can buy more. :-D

As an artist, I appreciate what you do. Creativity is a gift and you have that gift and I thank you for sharing and giving the rest of us an opportunity to experience your talent and let it wash over us as unshod pilgrims to the ocean, wary and weary of more desert, tongues parched and swollen in the heat of vapid commercialized tripe.

I wish you all the best and I hope your body and mind and soul is at the start of your productive and creative years. And don't let the bastards get you down. :-D

Dash said...

Inspiring Joshua!

wparker137 said...


I'm glad you are doing what you always wanted to do. Mindy Jo told me that you were touring. I wish the best of luck to you.

William Parker
From the mission

chaela mcdonald said...

you're amazing. You should come jam with Isaac Russel at my birthday party on September 6th. I'll let you play my ukulele.

Mike West said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mike West said...

Just like to say I wish you all the success you can achieve, you're an amazing musician and a very inspiring one too.

dawn said...

i'm speechless at the moment (and if you knew me, you'd understand why/how that's a big deal).

beautiful words.

we're building ourselves a desert...

i forecast that tucson will embrace you.
onward with strength and heart.

Jeffrey Todd said...

J, you inspire and amaze in a way that makes me grateful and mad that I play music for a living. Your talent abounds and your words are honest

God Bless that road your on.

Anonymous said...

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