Sunday, February 22, 2009

Time has Come, bring me the papers.

We have been out on "tour"
now for only a couple of days.
It is not the full band this time.
Economic struggle (inside our reach)
and we had to downsize for the said tour.
It is I (joshua) and Nate (piano man)
we are opening for Lydia.
It has been quite enjoyable up until this point.
We are now resting in the graces of my nebraskan parents.
Very hopsitable.
We don't get internet/connection often.
We are excited to keep playing/relating/singing.

We will finish with our friends out hear on the 27th of Feb.
and then back home for awhile.
starting the 14th, we will be back out on the road.
Check website for dates.
Also we have a "live purchased only" EP that we are releasing.
Meaning it will not be on itunes.
the only way to get it is to come to a show or
order it at
It has 5 songs that were not included on the full length LP that is
due out in June.
I am, we are happy about it.
If anyone reads this.
thank you,
thank you for
and for anyone with their own thoughts and or position on anything at all.
we are happy for now.
be with you.