Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Another Day In The Belly of the Bees, or, Beauty is as beauty does.

We have had so many great wonderful times,
days in the belly of the bees.
in the wild.
in the wilderness.
Two nights ago we decided to drive to Virginia Beach to enjoy the beauty of the country.
We arrived at the campground (First Landing) around 2pm.
we had purchased a bag of hotdogs, marshmallows, chocolate bars, and graham crackers in the earlier hours.
We got there (to our assigned camping space, i believe it was G1) and decided to divide the duties.
Fletch and I were nominated to go out to the forest to search for firewood.
while the others (Court and Branden) set up the tent.
We (Fletch and I) were triumphant in the search and returned with a very large cargo of firewood.
After camp was set up we decided to head to the beach, it was maybe a five minute walk from where we were camping.
we walked.
i walked,
they walked,
and we walked together.
we all got thorns in our feet near the beaches forefront.
It was so beautiful we almost started crying.
we sat there,
it was incredible.
we returned to the campsite before the sun was down.
We started the fire, though there was still daylight.
I started widdling.
widdling a small branch.
I cut myself..
three times.
blood was all over the knife, but i was determined.
The sun settled and the cold started to set in.
Beauty still regardless.
we began to cook hotdogs and get silly.
The hotdogs were delicous.
We talked more
about love,
about life,
about god,
about lots of things.
It was around nine thirty that we decided to go swimming.
We headed back to beach,
there was no sunlight left.
the stars shined bright.
We made it to the beach (without thorns this time).
It was cold, but we were determined.
we all got naked.
it was beautiful.
we ran into the cold black water.
We were free.
We are free.
it was beautiful.
I felt at home that night.
Though i am not still.
We swam for around twenty minutes,
the cold set in when getting out.
We ran back to the campsite.
We roasted marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers and talked some more.
We ended the night with a movie in the tent.
It was such an amazing night, we all loved it.
We talk still.
there are some pictures, i hope the work.
love always.