Saturday, March 6, 2010

A heartbeat, naked endeavours.


england makes me feel.
anything at all.
I am here with Will (the magical man) and Evan.
how glorious.
the incredible dining tonight was out of this world.
I wish that i could be part of this (always)
but alas.
The pub crawl.
insanely delightful and invigorating.
i thank thee Oxford, England.

There is an amazing show coming up that i wish i could be at.
i will be here still.
i miss those men/bands
i love them so.

let us ALL remember.
life is alive.
death is soon.
i wish i could.
love you all.

Friday, March 5, 2010

like out of a dream...

plane ride was fine.
enough of that...
I just loved the arrival,
the cold, the wet, the sound.
All consuming my thought.
We arrived at the airport of Gatwick
England at 6:52 am on Sunday.
Absolutely no sleep from the plane trip over.
We met Jamie, an insanely kind and hospitable A&R representative here in London.
He drove us to his flat in London and left us here to rest up for the day.
But... it was only 8 am by the time we sleep for us.
We started our stay off on the right foot with a perfect cup of English breakfast tea.
And then off on foot to explore.
We wondered until 6 pm. We then stumbled into a beautiful church building.
We sat and took it all in.

The whole service was breathtaking.
the choir is what really got me.
such conviction!
such passion!
One can only hope to aspire to such things.
We got home after the service and are now fixing up some amazing potatoes, carrots and rice.
this place is magical.

Joshua Fred