Thursday, January 10, 2008

City of Angles, or Try and Try forget the Honesty.

In Los Angeles now. Working hard for some decent recordings.
We have already tracked around 10 songs including:

-Mother Mary
-Black July
-Lawn Full of Marigolds
-Winter Storm
-Farmer From the West
-Crash This Train
-Ribbon Bows
-The Garden
-A Boy, A Father, and a Gun

and we will be tracking on Monday and Tuesday at Sunset Sound, very very excited...some songs that we are going to Hopefully track are:

-Jesus Train
-In The Middle
-Salt Water
-Your Story's Told
-When The Floods Come
-Baby Boy

We will have more songs to choose from for this record. Very excited, any suggestions are always very very important. City of Angles or City of Angels?