Thursday, January 10, 2008

City of Angles, or Try and Try forget the Honesty.

In Los Angeles now. Working hard for some decent recordings.
We have already tracked around 10 songs including:

-Mother Mary
-Black July
-Lawn Full of Marigolds
-Winter Storm
-Farmer From the West
-Crash This Train
-Ribbon Bows
-The Garden
-A Boy, A Father, and a Gun

and we will be tracking on Monday and Tuesday at Sunset Sound, very very excited...some songs that we are going to Hopefully track are:

-Jesus Train
-In The Middle
-Salt Water
-Your Story's Told
-When The Floods Come
-Baby Boy

We will have more songs to choose from for this record. Very excited, any suggestions are always very very important. City of Angles or City of Angels?



Sean said...

Must be great to have so many songs to choose from. Just, please make sure Daniel is on the next record. I think it is your best song to date. Keep on keeping on.

jamie said...

mother mary, crash this train, winter storm, jesus train...

good aim.

Anonymous said...

i love everything you write, but i agree that Daniel should be on the record. it is an incredible song.
can't wait to hear the whole album.

Anonymous said...

Restitution! Great song.

.kelly.catherine. said...

so exciting! good luck in the studio.

That's just this girl talking said...

Is that song Annabelle the same song that Pat McGee Band recorded by any chance? Not sure if you only wrote your own songs or not. I have just recently been introduced to your music and am blown away! I am an aspiring music journalist and have a music blog up on blogspot, myself. I plan on writing a CD review 'a la Rolling Stone'. Check it out if you get a chance. Trust me, it will be nothing short of head swelling.

miss jenna said...

i have said this a few times to you on myspace...mother mary blows me away!

jeff said...

Dear Joshua,

Please bless that you have tracked and chosen to distribute "When the Floods Come."

I, like many, love all the music you share, but I don't think I've heard you perform that song since late 2006...granted, I have not been able to be at every show and know every set list since then.

And that hurts my heart.

But knowing that you have recorded it but may eventually choose (if you haven't already) to not put it on the upcoming CD hurts so much more. Knowing that I almost had it is worse than knowing I'll never get it, like the quote that says "the tragedy of man is not that he fails, but that he almost succeeded."

The moral to this story?

I know it's late in the game.
Probably too late.
But I love that song.
And I just wanted you to know it.