Wednesday, January 16, 2008

More Los Angles.

We finished up the two days in Sunset Sound
located here in Los Angeles California.
I am extremely happy with how alot of
the material turned out.

We were able to record 12 songs.
all completely live tracked
and they have a very good feel to them.
Excited to have you all hear them.

As for me...well..
i just finished editing a little bit of
footage from this last years tour.
If you have been a follower of the Buffalo James
blog from the beginning you will recall the Woods Pool incident.
i think it was the 2nd or 3rd entry ever on the blog.
About how we snuck into the pool.
Anyways if you have not read it.
YOU SHOULD! especially before you watch the VIDEO!
yes indeed we finally got the video up and running you can
watch it here:


Matt Volenec said...

Buffalo James!

I read that blog and had this serene picture of the shenanigans you guys were up to floating around in my head... nothing like the actual video. That was intense! I cannot believe you went back for the camera after that scare. Congrats on living life boldly and catching it on camera!

miss jenna said...

haha! yeah! i remember that blog! its just like i pictured it! but what about when u went back to get the camera? didnt capture any of that? i haven't been to this blog in a long time. i am gonna go catch up!

n8edwards said...

ha! josh thats hillarious! tell court he runs like a little girl!

Erica said...

Oh my gosh that was awesome. You're a good writer, thats exactly as I thought it would be!

Matt Clayton said...

That video was worth the wait. You described that pool scene perfectly.