Thursday, September 13, 2007

North Carolina

We played in Carrboro North Carolina last night.
It was a very uplifting and enjoyable show.
North Carolina seems to be the place to be.
People were very very kind
quite, and respectful.

We are off for Nashville today.
Long drive.
Last show with Brett d. and Meiko
stories folder.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Depression is tragic, tragic is brilliance in a (minor)

Last night was September 11th
a reminder of tragedy,
of love and devotion.
Of tyrany,
of freedom,
of death,
of life,
of happiness,
of hate,
of devotion and delusion.
of control and greed.
of brightness and newness.
of a new day
of an old era.

We played in Charlottesville, VA last night.
i think i was depressed to be quite honest.
There were many very kind and beautiful people that listened.
But like every lovely thing it was polluted partially by others.
The day is over, and night has fallen,
its a beautiful night tonight, the stars in the sky,
but blue as the sky seems, i feel alone,
and by that i don't mean to hurt.
I mean to let go, and try again.

I am sure we all feel...alone
or maybe we don't all feel alone,
maybe there are some who aren't alone.
blessed are they.
I've tried.
I am currently trying.
I hope for better days and nights.
I hope for love and devotion
I hope for friends and family
I hope for all..

oh tonight was a trial.
A fire,
a fire.