Saturday, February 13, 2010

This ain't yo BEEF.

I am a waste (alot of the time).
I shop and purchase most items that are found on my body and inside my house
from a local thrift store called "Deseret Industries"
or for the local folk "DI".

There are many reasons why i enjoy going to DI.
Of course you have your obvious reasons such as low cost,
older clothing, and the thrill of not knowing what will be there that day.
BUT have the bigger reasons of going there.

I suppose it just sort of blows my mind that i see the exact
same people there EVERY single time that i go.
I am one of those people,
but the culture of DI is astounding,
and should possibly be studied at some fancy University in the future.
And it isn't just the fact that it is the same people,
its also the fact that they all wait outside the doors at 9:55,
and when the doors DO open, it is such an extreme event.
People are pushing, shoving, running, screaming.
And this happens EVERY SINGLE DAY (minus Sundays and holidays).

today i went to DI,
I waited outside the doors just like all of my other thrift store comrades
until they opened them at 10am on the button.
I walked inside and started heading to the back of the store.
There was a "heated" conversation going on amongst the employees
of my favorite thrift store.
I remember it going like this:

Employee 1: "Hey, you better leave her alone!"
Employee 2: "This ain't none of yo' beef, you just stick yo' nose out of it."
Employee 1: "You better watch yourself, we got problems now.

As this is all happening there is a mysterious "Employee 3" that was slowly walking away (i am assuming she was the girl that the two boys were fighting over.)

After "Employee 1" had said that "we got problems now" Employee 2 walked directly up to him and put his nose right in his face, saying:

Employee 2: "Oh yeah, whatchyou gun do now withyo' problum?"

I was amazed that no management and or coworker had stepped in to see what "da beef" was all about.

Employee 1: "I wouldn't recommend doing that, I'm gonna find you later, after work, you better leave her alone, or else!!."
Employee 2: "Pssshhhh."

"Employee 2" walked away and into the back room.

Now i know this isn't the most amazing story, or even a good story at that.
But for me it was something exciting that happened in my otherwise boring day.
And gave me yet another reason to go thrift shopping more often.

If either of the employees ever see this (which is highly improbable).
I thank you both!

valentine oh valentine.
love abounds.



Landy said...

It's like reality TV. Except, in actual reality. Hopefully there was no blood shed later.

Marie said...

I now know you are a "true" blogger at heart.

How do I know this?

Because a true "blogger" says to themselves when an "event" happens in the day...
I am SO going to blog about that....
Loved the post..

Anonymous said...

Nice dispatch and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you as your information.

Kristie Blue said... i can only wish that the thrift shops i frequent (and with as much passion as you seem to bestow) would be this eventful!

and ftr, i hope no one dies.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Sarah Hunt said...

this is a good story. and I appreciate it. much enjoyed!

Polished Owl said...

Epic. I laughed. And I related. God damn.

Polished Owl said...

Why aren't there a million comments to this, too? Josh that was some funny dialogue. I wished we hung.