Friday, February 5, 2010

The Informant of sorts

We played our last show (this go at it)
last night here in London.

This has been a marvelous trip thus far,
and am not looking forward to boarding the plane home.
We still have two whole days left and we plan
to make the most of it.
More shwarmas last night at maroush,
and delightful it was.
There is something in the light here (dull as it may be)
that intoxicates you.
Fills you, and boils you down.
Makes what you truly were meant to be come washing out.
I suppose i know nothing,
I know that really.
But the sensation of living here in tangible.
We have big plans coming.
I question it all sometimes.
Music and all.
But i suppose without questioning you get no answer.
so here is to questioning.
A toast of fable.
A tale of myth.


Joshua (in the forest)

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