Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Love Maroush!

What a day, what a day.
After a long hard search today we finally found a place that was able to fix the guitar.
The guitar (right before sound check) was up and running.
We showed up to "Dirty Boots"
tonight, which is where we were going to play.
And we realized that not only is this a music club,
but also a bowling alley.
We were last (went on around 10:00 pm)
after two rock and roll bands.
Seeing as how we are a Neo-Alt-Post-Prog-Folk Duo
we had some shoes to fill to show the crowd WHO was boss.
And that we did (or atleast attempted)
We played (what felt like) a solid set of songs,
and put our hearts on the line.

After the show we spent some time talking to some incredibly kind locals.
We talked/laughed/ and planned a very insanely promising party in east london
for this upcoming saturday.
I cannot wait, and will send all details post party mr. james.
We took a cab back to the hotel and stopped by a place called
"Maroush" which sells authentic Lebanese food.
I purchased myself a mixed schwarma wrap.
Basically lamb meet and chicken with some incredibly exquisite seasonings and vegetables.
It made my heart phenomenally warm.
indeed i do.
here is to london,
the cold,
the rain,
the friends,
the way (to live is to love)


to the moon we go all together now.
joshua (the tyrant of the seas)


Chris said...

Yalla come to Lebanon for a small gig. That would be so cool and after you will be able to get the best schawarma ever made on earth :D

Anonymous said...

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Jay Tighe said...

The show last night was great. You did indeed prove who was boss. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us a little. I will make sure to tell Jim you said hi. It was an extraordinary night. Thank you.

Denise Hagvall said...

"I like wherever I am. That's my big secret."