Thursday, August 23, 2007

TOUR more Grand Rapids, or the day comes the officer arrived wearing nothing but a neckbrace

WE had no show last night (a day off), and spent the day at the GR library.
we ate tuna fish sandwiches, salt and vinegar potato chips, and had our daily vitamins.
I miss home sometimes, but sometimes i don't.

We went to barnes and noble after the library,
Court fell asleep on the couch, kyle finished his daily intake of cosmopolitan
and I read a book on Leonard Cohen.
love is in the air.
is summer over?
well almost over i suppose.
We are back at the library, we are taking baths in the bathroom here.
not too hard to do to be quite honest.
you have to find a way to wash your body from a sink, but very doable.
I think we smell, but its hard to say.

Last night we camped out at the local zoo again.
Good nights rest except for the furious rain storm that came.
Lots of rain, lots of water.
VERY humid!

We woke up to the sound of a local police officers voice.
WE got out and explained our situation..

"sir we are traveling gypsies." i told the man.

he took our id's to make sure nothing was unsound in our past.
We packed up the tent and left.
The corolla is getting worn down, draggin that trailer isn't its favorite job.

we got a show tonight.

We are heading home soon. We will be there for about two days before we leave for NY again.
Brett Dennen tour should be fun.
I have met him numerous times and seems to be a very down to earth individual.



heather said...

i wanted to thank you (and your bandmate) for coming to grand rapids on thursday... a couple of months ago i stumbled upon your myspace site and have been enjoying your music ever since. i was thrilled when i discovered a show within a couple hour driving distance. although the crowd was small on thursday evening you played with as much sincerity as if it were a sold out show.
each of your songs was saturated with so much honesty and truth, and the songs lingered with me long after the show ended.
i ordered several cds from your site a couple of weeks ago and eagerly anticipate their arrival after seeing you live. i went digging around online after the show to listen to more songs and found this blog...
so thanks again for the beautifully honest music.
(and for coming to gr)

Lysandra said...

Well said.