Monday, August 27, 2007

A long Drive, Tour, or someone found out that everyone likes.

We have had an amazing week.
we played a very loud, almost obnoxious bar in Bloomington, IN
the other Indiana show was great, and we loved it.
ver y
very kind people there.
we have camped alot.
but its getting better.
or i should say more tolerable.
We bought a bigger tent
i think it holds around 12 people.
its a mini cabin almost.
so much harder to set up at different parks.
much less discrete.

WE played Chicago last night to a wonderful little crowd, and then drove all night to try and make it to Lincoln, NE. WE failed
to say the least.
we made it till about six in the morning
and then we camped out front of a catholic church.
very tired.
we drove all day today.
picked up a hitchiker on the way to lincoln,
and dropped her off there.
I got to see Annie a very good friend of mine
from a terrible time (highschool). She lives in Chicago.
its alwasy good to see love.
We are in NE tonight and Missouri tomorrow.
blurryingly running around.


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Haley said...

Props to you all, traveling the way you are. It's got to be rough, but I'm sure it's an amazing time, and a completely unique experience. Love your music,and wish I lived closer to see it played live, but the best of luck to you on the rest of your journey!

John said...

Wow, dude. This has no relevance to your blog entry, but I just want to say your album's amazing. Where in Utah are you guys from? I spent a year in Monroe County. Are you guys comin to Minnesota any time soon?