Sunday, August 23, 2009

You can speak what you believe, but every thought comes preconceived.

i had made such promises.
"I will write more".
But i have failed the seven people that with time on there hands
might take a glance of this sorry sorry system of blogification.
I am here again,
to spew a couple of thoughtless phrases onto my small laptop
and then send it into the erratic area of cyberness.

On a different note, the vinyl came in last night.
I am excited. I think.
I think that it will be ok.
I have been thinking about the master cleanse again.
cayenne pepper,
syrup (grade b).
and into the depths you will go.
I have thought alot about alot as of late.
but confusion takes the wheel.
I will get over those thoughts,
i always do.

"Mother, my companion, please remember what i said.
I know my words they might confuse you, floatin up inside youre head.
And though you paint your house bright blue, and i paint my house red.
there's always middle ground on which to stand."



Anonymous said...

looking forward to the new album. but i'll be waiting for the cd.


Brittany said...

Joshua, we enjoy getting even just snippets, no matter how sparsely spaced. Thank you for sharing bits of your soul through your music and on this blog. It means a lot to be able to see musicians as living breathing humans with hearts and souls. That is where music comes from. We often forget.

plateofyams said...

keep on... xo

Matt Adams said...

e these thoughts all the time

hi, it's nice to meet and hear you
i draw and make noises

Sao said...

Joshua, I'm just loving your music. It moves me and makes me feel raw and hopeful. So glad you're in our generation. We really could use somebody real right now.