Tuesday, August 4, 2009

things are really going that way or "It's not you, It's me."

If a man were to die,
would he put himself on trial.
Throw is actions to the court room,
let them taint his pride?

I want to start on the next next record.
I think we are getting closer to ready.
But i suppose we must first release build me this,
before starting such a topic.

This pear has been sitting on my desk for two weeks now.
I just wanted to show a progression.
And what better progression,
than death?



Isak (sweden) said...

I Love Your Music, It has helped me alot, thank you

Anonymous said...

Hey, I know! Invite a friend over and feed it to them!

Guess who!

Rosemary said...

Hi Joshua-
I'm really looking forward to the tour. See you again at the Casbah.