Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Build ME This !!

"Build Me This" is in stores today.
We are so happy to be out and about.
On the road.
Feeling, seeing, experiencing so many people/places.
We are in LOVE with the idea of the road.
it seems that the road is a whole different thing
than the idea of the road.

BUT regardless, we are happy to be doing this.
you can see a list of shows (up until now)
at joshuajames.tv

We played in Denver last night and it was AMAZING!
Amazing in the fact that the people that came out were
and for that we thank you denverites.
Be kind
Be loving,
just BE



eric said...

Come back to Birmingham! I know you were robbed and such but lets put those differences aside. I'll be sure to warn you on where not to go at night.

Lauren Elizabeth said...

I love the new album. I bought at the show you performed in Logan. It was incredible. I love your shows. Great job.

Sordid said...

I'm really looking forward to the show in Minneapolis tonight. :)

Jacqui Quinonez said...

The show in Minneapolis was amazing! Gave me goosebumps!

Thank you for sharing your gift!

bmuir said...

I love your music. It's got an honesty that is hard to find in most of todays music.
If you are looking for God, you may want to listen to some speeches by William Lane Craig and Ravi Zacharias. They are brilliant men with some very insightful thoughts.
God Bless.

Anonymous said...

The show last night in Minneapolis was amazing. I bought the new record on vinyl and it sounds incredible. Joshua, your music, your humility and your honesty about God is inspiring. Keep it up man.


Jer said...

Hey Joshua,

or whoever may be running this wonderful webpage. I saw you at the Melting Point last year in Athens, GA and have been immersed in your beautiful writing and inspirations since. I know that last year your band was looking for a place to spend your night so as to not have to sleep out on a campground. I have seen that you are returning to Tasty World this year in November and are playing in Atlanta a few days prior. I would humbly like to offer my small place to you all for however long you may need in Athens for the time during your show. It would be wonderful to have you. Please do let me know if I can enjoy spending this time with you and your talented friends in that time.

God bless,

- Jeremy Lee

Little Gypsy Rock said...

I have just discovered your amazing music and am in love with it already! I'd love to see you guys live but am in the UK.
Thanks for sharing your stories and being an inspiration