Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Champaign, ILLINOIS is on FIRE!!!

Tour has been such a great one thus far.
We (The Great Northplatte Brothers) are on a wondeful trip across the US.
and we are happy to announce that it has been very enjoyable up until today.
Of course,
there has been trials
for the most part, really great.
We played at COWBOY MONKEY last night in Champagin, IL.
We were headed out early this morning for Ann Arbor, MI.
As we were riding the on ramp of the 57 we noticed a bright flash that came
from the back right tire.
We figured it was just a cop that had finally noticed our missing tail light.
So we were not that surprised.
Suddenly Joe noticed that it wasn't a siren at all,
but rather a fire.
Our back right wheel well was on FIRE.
and we were in no situation to put it out.
IT was bloody 6 in the morning.
We ran into the nearby field in fear that the van would blow up.
We watched as our back right wheel melted and was burning in flames.
Just as we were about to cut our losses and purchase plane tickets home.
A man emerged from a Mcdonalds Diesel wielding a fire extinguisher.
He dove under the flames and fought the fire
with verociousness.
We sat in wonder as he conquered the firey beast.
And suddenly that was it.
THe fire was out.
Just smoldering metal and rubber was left in the fires stead.
Our hero didn't stay long, he ran back to his diesel
and without a second word was off.

We had the van towed to a local veterans mechanic shop
and is currently under the knife.
So HERE WE are...
in Champaign.

Break me off that .
joshua and the great northplatte.


velander said...

That's INSANE! I've suffered all sorts of malfunctions and breakdowns, but I've NEVER had (or heard of) a combustible wheel!

Safe journey, boys.

Tobler said...

Oh no!! Please still make it to Indianapolis tonight! We'll come pick you up if the van is down and out....

Nikolas said...

Glad to hear you're okay. Your (the collective "your" of you and the band) performance in Minneapolis was awe-inspiring. I imagine it can be an awkward situation to have people approach you as though they feel a connection to you by way of your music, especially considering your fans are ultimately strangers, but as any opportunity to exchange appreciation and love with my fellow man is one worth taking, I would be amiss if I didn't relay my profound and deep felt admiration and gratitude towards your art.

That's heavy.

Be well!

Ames said...

OK so how do I get your cover of Custom Concern? It's brilliant! And I would love to have it.

david said...

My wife and I saw you in AZ on the 19th (you signed a vinyl for us after the show). Too funny that I was in MI last week (listening to your record on iPod) - didn't know you were headed there as well, and in such style! We'll see you in Tucson Joshua. Best to you and band.

Elaine said...

wow, that's a story to tell ;O