Wednesday, July 25, 2007

TOUR and a place to Lay our heads.

We (three of us) are headed out to the east coast to share songs across the country we are in desperate need of places to stay while on the great highway for we will have no money for hotels and such things, if there are any kind folks out there with whom we could lay our heads it would be overly appreciated we will be playing in the following cities:

Atlanta, GA (8/1) blessed
Birmingham, AL (8/2)
Nashville, TN (8/3, 8/4) blessed
Tampa, FL (8/7) blessed
West Palm Beach, FL (8/8)
Jacksonville, FL (8/9)
Orlando, FL (8/10) blessed
Charlotte, NC (8/11)
Washington DC (8/13) blessed
Charlottesville, VA (8/14) blessed
New York, NY (8/15) blessed
Burlington, VT (8/16)
Philadelphia, PA (8/17) blessed
Pittsburgh, PA (8/18)
Dayton, OH (8/20) blessed
Grand Rapids, MI (8/23) blessed

blessed = we found a place to lay our heads

there will be more shows stretching back home (westward) hopefully through Missouri, NE, and Colorado..if you could reach a helping hand in any of the stated dates it would help out very much, the other dates in chicago, des moines etc. will be later posted..please just send me a message if you are able to help so that we might be able to make plans accordingly.
joshua and friends

all the places and times that we are playing can be found at


Anonymous said...

very daring, don't get hurt i drove through NE and it seems to be very desloate and lonely.

Miss Jenna said...

so, at which venue are you performing in orlando?