Friday, July 27, 2007

TOUR and the police (we fought the law and we won)

We have been in NE for about four days now (today is the 27th). Growing up here and not having been back for three years brings up very very nostalgic feelings, mostly of mischevious acts performed by friends and i at a riper age. But even though that age has matured and even weathered a bit we all have a bit of devil inside us, so on that note i will begin the greatest adventure of the tour to date.

We started out the day just like any other, practicing, walking, reading, talking, etc. The night rolled around, and with the parents in bed we (we being Ashley my sister, Court, Emma, and myself) decided to sneak into the local diving pool, that is called woods. We drove the 12 min. that it took to get there, parked the car at the nearby parking lot and started to make our way toward the pool. Since leaving utah five days ago i have decided to record on my new video camera many a thing that we have decided to do on this great adventure, having said that let the readers understand that we documented our beautiful infraction of the law that night. So we got close the pool, there is a fence that stretches around the pool, and climbs about twelve feet high. When we got close enough to the pool we discovered that there were "Nebraska Aquatics" vans parked inside of the pool premisces and wondered if there might be anyone inside either sleeping or preparing for the upcoming events that apparently would be taking place the following day. After having a breif conversation about whether or not it would the best idea to jump off of the diving towers that night we decided to ignore our crickets and jumped the fence. We hid behind the pines while i strategically placed the video camera in the grass facing it towards our final destination (the diving platforms). After a quick shot of adrenaline was pumped into our bodies we quickly made our way to the ladder up the platforms. I started up, we all got to the first platform and the second ladder had a large piece of plywood on the ladder to prevent people from climbing it. Court and myself decided to try and scale it anyhow and made it up with a bit of teamwork and dedication (the girls had decided to only jump from the first platform). On our (Court and I) way up to the third tower we heard a voice come over the pools loud speaker.
"Just so you know, the police are already on their way"
We completely panicked, the girls raced down the ladder instead of jumping off of the platform, i knew that i had no time to make my way back down the ladder so i jumped into the pool about as quickly as i could. Just as soon as my head popped out of the water i noticed that there were about five or six large men making their way around the pool in a very timely manner to perhaps prevent us from escaping before the authorities arrived. Well we definitely had different ideas of how the night would transpire. I jumped out of the pool and raced around the opposite side from where we had initially entered the forbidden pool.
Just as i got to the other side i noticed that Ashley and Emma were already over the fence and running towards the parked car. Court had a bit more of an issue getting away. After i had jumped from the tower he had hesitated jumping, fearing that he would land on me if he didn't wait. Finally he had jumped and had slowed his escape. He got out of the pool as quick as he could and grabbed his shirt and glasses as quick as possible and started scaling the fence. Just as he was about to cross over he felt a large strong hand grab his leg, out of fear he kicked the tyrant in the head and jumped over the fence, we got to the car, and were very relieved to be alive and not in the custody of the local police. Until we realized.
i shouted. But there was no going back now, for surely they would be able to detain us if we were to enter back onto the grounds. We parked at a local fast food restaraunt for about 30 minutes before heading back to the pool in hopes that we would be able to retrieve the abandoned video camera. Court and I in hopes to doop the locals held hands to appear as a loving partnership. We got closer to the fence that just minutes before had helped us from escaping the possible imprisonment in the local jailhouse. We got closer and noticed that they were all going back inside and leaving the pool area open again. The police had apparently just left and we had our chance to recover our lost article. We got closer and decided to act quickly i jumped the fence and made eye contact with a guard about 7o feet from me, i ran to the camera as quickly as my skinny legs would allow and ran back to the fence, by this time the guard was yelling at the top of his lungs to
I wasn't having any of that, i screamed at Court to lift the bottom of the fence so i could slide under to prevent any damage to the camera. He did, and i made my way under, we were just about to leave except that my pants caught on the bottom of the chain links. I was stuck...i wiggled and finally broke free from it just before the guard reached the fence, we ran ran ran ran and ran some more until we reached the car, we jumped in...and made our way back home. It was a beautiful night to say the least, adrenaline, pools, police, and video. We could not have asked for a more memorable time in NE. We are in the process of editing the video to have those who would enjoy it, watch it.
That night was beautiful.


miss jenna said...

i'm glad you got to keep your pants, and didn't have to abandon them.

Georgia said...

I hope you post the video here once it is done being edited :) And I am also glad you did not have to abandon your pants.

nate said...

That is an amazing story. I love it.

Anonymous said...

dude, messed up. that's sounds like court, kicking the guy in the head. haha, funny stuff.

Matt Clayton said...

I read this two months ago...I'm still laughing. Love your blog Joshua.

e said...

classic woods story-never will get old.

wanting so badly to see this video. :)

Anonymous said...

What a GREAT ending to a well-told story! I felt like I was running right beside all of you! Good stuff!