Friday, August 10, 2007

TOUR w. Vagabonds and Sleep Deprivation

days and days and days have gone by,
sometimes hard to tell where we are exactly in the week.
We have been out now for over two weeks and it feels like it never has, as in it never has felt like this...

We drove seven hours early thursday morning to make it to the show in Gainesville.
a small town with alot of beautiful individuals.
The drive was gruelsome, and having Kyle drive for the first time with the trailer was often life changing, nevertheless we made it to our destination unharmed. While unloading at the club (1982 Bar) there was a strange man in the corner of the back alley sitting in a a wheelchair. The man had been injured years before it appeared, seeing as how he was missing his left leg from the kneecap down. While Court and myself were unloading Emily and Kyle were in the back alley sitting. Kyle must have struck the man odd because within minutes of arriving he started screaming obsenities and death threats toward our little Kyle.
"I will jump this curb and kill you boy."
kyle tried to pay no heed to the man, but again the man spoke...
"I have killed people before you were born you SOB."
after several threats kyle and emily decided to move away from the man into the comfort of the Venue...We played the show and were treated very kind by the locals (not disregarding the one legged man) in Gville. The show lasted till around what i recall to be one o clock a.m. Emily had to catch a flight from Orlando at seven so we wanted to be at the airport by five. Knowing this we decided not to sleep and leave for the airport right after the show. We took off around 1:30 and the rain was falling hard, we haven't seen rain such as that for years it seems. We made it to the Orlando airport arond five o clock, we were all tired, we bid emily adieu and we sat in the airport parking lot trying to decide where to go to rest.
I had an idea...
I had done this before..
I spoke of an idea to sleep in walmart by the furniture see there are large slots in which one could slip in and rest for awhile going unnoticed. Court and Kyle were very unwilling but with a little coaxing we went.
The slots weren't as large as i remembered last time i tried this, but were large enough nonetheless. Court and Kyle were now more unwilling than ever, but i was tired and didn't really care whether or not they were with me, i sleuthly slided my slender body into the slots and covered my other side with an unbuilt coffee table, i told Court to hand me a pillow, in moments i was sleeping underneath 1500 pounds of unfinished "DIY" furniture. As i was drifting i heard a couple of voices coming down the aisle.
"That coffee table doesn't go there."
i held my breath.
"Is that a pillow in there? grab that pillow"
There was a long pause of voice, and then whispering, i knew i was in for it...oh boy how was i to explain this to the officials? I hadn't any money, and definitely no time to go to the police station to have a report filed. Moments later i heard the sliding of the box that i had so cleverly placed behind me to cover up my body. And then a tapping on my shoulder, i didn't look.
"Hey...sir!" the man said gently.
I didn't breath.
I turned around as if i had been asleep for hours.
"Oh...umm..I am sorry i have just been driving all night, and i..umm...was very tired.."
The man explained he needed me to leave..
again i apologized and went to find Court and Kyle laughing on the front benches by the vending machines.
The sun was just about to come up and we decided to park the car and sleep outside in the humid, sticky air of Florida.
its been beautiful.


Justin said...

Hey Joshua! Hope you can make it up to San Francisco sometime. I bought your "The Sun is Always Brighter" album just a month ago, and I love it!

Have fun touring!

Justin said...

Oh and btw, you might find this a little entertaining: Spring Break in Walmart ;)

Matt Volenec said...

I have a friend who used to work at a large 24 hour grocery. When he didn't feel like working, he'd burrow a pocket into the paper towel section and take a nap. Nobody ever noticed.

Gio said...

josh, this is giovanni... i live less than an hour from the orlando airport. next time you are anywhere in florida... north or south... please get in touch with me... i have plenty of friends all over the state.
i could set up some shows as well.
if you are in florida and don't let me help you out with a place to stay, etc... i'll be offended!!!
take care... giovanni