Saturday, September 22, 2007

City of Angels, or, Silent as a Church, or, I lost my mind that night

I played at the Hotel Cafe tonight,
in Los Angeles, CA. An old friend of mine was there (James)
It was very good to see so many people.
The place was so graciously quiet.
i love them all for that.
I really enjoyed playing Los Angeles.
I get nervous to play there.
Many amazing people.
with "real" jobs.
i have no job.
Tonight was the last show on the tour.

We leave again soon though.
tomorrow we will drive back home to regain strength.
The next tour should be very great.
We are heading out with Erin Mckeown, very excited for that.
she is incredible.
home on the range.
where the deer and the antelope play.
where seldom is heard a discouraging word.
and the skies are not cloudy all day.

love it there.


LB said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and journeys with us in the blog, j., and letting us be a part of the ride. Even if we all can't be at a show (yet), we can be there in spirit, in heart, and send our good thoughts to carry you along.

miss jenna said...

Pics! yessssss.....

y'all look amazing!

Kat said...

Are those pics from Nashville? :) Saw you here at Exit/In several weeks ago... great show!! Love your music. Hope you head to Nashville again!