Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What a lovely journey, or, we could walk until the sun comes up

What a great tour it has been.
It is slowly ending, we played our second to last show tonight in Chicago. We had many friends come out and share with us.
We played:

-Lord, Devil, & Him
-New Love Song
-Crash This Train
-Ribbon Bows

It was great. We have had so much fun.
We have one more show in Lincoln, NE on the 25th,
and then
i am excited to see home,
to be home,
to feel home.

I will write,
and love,
and record.

We will be working on the new record soon.

Love is wonderful


Miss Jenna said...

ugh! dangerous live and i didnt hear it. such a bummer...that one's my fav, ya know...

but there was a bit of SUPEREXTRAAWESOME news...a new record will be made! new record might mean new tour. and new tour might mean new chance to see u perform! I know, i am jumping the gun here, especially when u aren't even done with this tour yet.

please dont get me wrong...i am very excited for you to get home and be with the mrs and spend time in your new house!

as always, i wish u the best times infinity!

your friend,
Miss Jenna

Nathalie said...

hey, you should come to sweden on your next tour! we love you here too, you know. :)

Matt Volenec said...

Joshua James. you wrote this on my 19th birthday. that was a good day for me.

why you haven't hit it big yet is strange to me. in time, i believe for it.