Monday, November 26, 2007

Time, Happy Birthday

Another year has passed.
Its up, now its gone
A treasureful time,
Whether cut up or long.
So shake your hellos
and cry your goodbyes
this year will be different
we'll have love on our side.
A birthdays a birthday
no matter color or shape
the days will not stop
will not vanish or fade.
So take time for to relish
the one you have near
Because the day it is coming
that you'll be running in fear.
Not from robbers or rapists
or killers in the night.
It is "TIME" that you hide from
don't be foolish, i'm right.
So happy birthday dear loved one
Your day is still new.
Keep your candle light burning.
And forget that its cruel.


Anonymous said...

best. ever.

Sra said...

Saw your show in Provo last night. Loved it. Love you. Wrote a blog about you.