Wednesday, January 30, 2008

i am sincerely concerned

i have been working,
working hard.
hard at work am i.
trying to get these songs ready for the mixing phase.
This will take much much more much time
than i had previously anticipated.
Home recording sounds good though.
i am excited to show you all.
To have you hear me from inside out.
through song,
(and dance) if you wish.
I just recorded on my laptop a song
from and artist that i grew up with
the modest mouse.
this song is called:
"custom concern"
i love it all.
couldn't you help it?


.kelly.catherine. said...

brilliant my dear sir. you always amaze me. this video was a pleasant surprise. i adore modest mouse as well.

Ben & Jayni said...

You are honestly amazing!! I love your style of music. LOve. LOVE. Love

bri said...

i love you.
is there another you i could marry?

ross said...

just throwing it out there that this is a great, GREAT rendition of this song. keep it up, im diggin it.

Matt McFarland Photography said...

I didn't know you were a Modest Mouse fan. Why didn't you say something?

batidodepiedras said...

First of all, excuse me for my poor english, I'm Spanish.

I love modest mouse and now I love your voice.
Maybe it sounds naive or something, but i don't know other ways to explain it.

Sam said...

Man i am a big fan of yours, i listen to and play your stuff all the time. Looking forward to your Minneapolis gig, i know i will be there.

Art said...

very good cover. just saw it on youtube, you've got a great voice, sir

Edouard said...

it's a really nice song =)

Anonymous said...

Immaculate!!!! Your Awsome..........