Friday, February 8, 2008

Lincoln, or welcome to the other side of the world


it is now Friday afternoon, i was blessed enough to be able to
play some of my songs for a group of beautiful/wonderful/thoughtful
individuals last night at knickerbockers, there was a very good amount of
people inside that stuffy room.
I for one am:
sincerely thankful
for it all. Off to Boulder tomorrow morning.
oh boy.
i saw this on youtube, and i cant tell you
the levels of depth that have gone into it
i hope that you all enjoy the video entitled:
"Sexiest Men"

i can see why i have not made the list.
look at these guys.

love love love dove.


Corinne Watson said...

Wow, I couldn't even finish that video. I would much rather see a video of you playing music.


miss jenna said...

thats a big brad pitt fan. he was in there like 4 times? i saw you and joshua radin added eachother to your top friends. why was i so amused by that? i love both y'all.