Sunday, June 15, 2008

To The Vagabond in Vampire Dresses

Only four days in and it has been an amazing experience.
Thanks to the glorious,
organimicao emerald which is tour.

After St. George we headed to Las Vegas where we were able to stay with my (joshua)'s family. It was so amazing, we swam, and were able to spend some time with my family.

Friday morning we started heading towards the lone star state's
first stop for us (Dallas). We made it to a small town in New Mexico called
Spirits were high, but bellies hungry.
We set up our sleeping bags in the desert near some train tracks,
and began to prepare tuna fish sandwiches.
The Tuna came and went, but bellies still hungry.

We saw rabbits, we saw rocks.
We hunted rabbits.
But failed miserably.
No luck,
No Rabbit,
No Belly Full.

We left early the next morning, we made it to about four hours outside of Dallas were we found a very comfortable piece of land where we were able to set up our tent.
About 45 min. after arriving we were approached by a mid 50's what appeared to be rancher. He explained that he owned the land and had no problems with us staying there as long as we understood that there were rattlesnakes the size of his arms.
This to us was no surprise.
We are anything but novices what it comes the land of predator and prey.
We explained to the man that we would be just fine, and that if in the case that he found us lying dead on his land to burn the van and our bodies,
for our mothers sake.
The next morning a stray dog fell in love with us all.

We were off the next morning early,
we stopped off at a 7 eleven to fill up on gas,
There was a hose on the side of the gas station,
and it had been awhile since we had bathed ourselves.
So we stripped down, and soaked our sun bleached bodies,
with the beauty which is water.

We played the show in Dallas for a humble crowd of 25-30.
They were kinder than we could have asked for.
The show lasted late and we weren't back on the road until 2:00 am.
At which time we headed towards Austin. We made it about and hour outside
of Dallas until we pulled off at a rest stop, at which we pulled out our sleeping bags,
and fell asleep to the sound of racing highways and barking birds.
The morning has come, and we are fortunate enough to still be alive,
and well, and rested, and happy, and
always, always, always.

joshua (and brothers)


Jon said...

Great show last night. I loved every minute. Best of luck and safe travel for the rest of the tour. Come back to Dallas sometime -

Jacob said...

Love the Blog Brother James. Just wanted to smere some love on your page here, it was good to see you guys before your big tour. Thanks for all, to all

gretchmasterflash said...

you're beautiful. banjo love.