Monday, June 2, 2008

TOUR and a place to lay our heads (again)

We (six of us) are headed out to the east coast, mid west, west coast, south land, etc. to share songs across the country we are in desperate need of places to stay while on the great highway for we will have no money for hotels and such things, if there are any kind folks out there with whom we could lay our heads it would be overly appreciated.
We will be playing in the following cities:

6/14 Dallas, TX (The Loft)
6/15 Austin, TX (Stubb's)
6/16 Houston, TX (Warehouse Live)
6/18 Memphis, TN (Hi Tone Cafe)
6/19 Birmingham, AL (Workplay Theatre)
6/20 Knoxville, TN (World Grotto)
6/21 Atlanta, GA (Smith's Olde Bar)
6/22 Nashville, TN (3rd and Lindsley)
6/24 Orlando, FL (The Social)
6/25 Miami, FL (Studio A)
6/26 Tampa, FL (Orpheum)
6/27 Jacksonville, FL (Jack Rabbits)
6/28 Athens, GA (Melting Point)
6/30 Charleston, SC (Village Tavern)
7/1 Chapel Hill, NC (Local 506)
7/2 Asheville, NC (Grey Eagle)
7/3 Charlotte, NC (Evening Muse)
7/6 Arlington, VA (IOTA)
7/7 Baltimore, MD (8x10)
7/8 Philadelphia, PA (World Cafe Live)
7/9 Poughkeepsie, NY (The Loft)
7/10 Hartford, CT (Webster Underground)
7/11 Buffalo, NY (Canal Concert Series)
7/12 Albany, NY (Valentines)
7/13 Allston, MA (Great Scott)
7/14 New York City, NY (Cutting Room)
7/16 Grand Rapids, MI (The Intersection)
7/17 Pittsburgh, PA (Club Cafe)
7/18 Indianapolis, IN (Radio Radio)
7/19 Chicago, IL (Beat Kitchen)
7/20 Ann Arbor, MI (The Ark)
7/22 Milwaukee, WI (Shank Hall)
7/23 Minneapolis, MN (Varsity)
7/24 Omaha, NE (Waiting Room)
7/25 Kansas City, MS (The Record Bar)

7/26 through 8/14

will include dates in Colorado, Utah, Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico, so keep your eyes and minds open.

If you could reach a helping hand in any of the stated dates it would help out very much, please just send me a message so that we might be able to make plans accordingly.


joshua (and five willing friends)


Anonymous said...

Chicago, IL July Show -

Hey Joshua, my place is small, but could absolutely hold 6 people. It's a studio apartment, but larger than the standard variety. I'm in a building with access to a parking garage (that I believe, I can have guests park in, and if not, lot's of parking nearby.)

The Beat Kitchen is also located roughly 2.0 miles away, as a 20 minute walk, or 10 minute drive down Belmont Avenue which is a straight shot to the venue. Public transportation is also available as well.

There's 2 grocery stores near my place, and tons of restaurants, bars, transportation to anywhere in the city and Lake Michigan too.

If this sounds good, let me know and I'll throw in more specifics.


Pili girl~ said...
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Pili girl~ said...

I may not be in any tour area, but if you're ever in Rexburg again, my home is always open to you. It may be small, but you'll have a roof over your head, and full reign of the kitchen and such for fulfillment of carnal hungers.

Nate knows the number.

Best of luck on the road, with the shoes and may people be kind.

Pili girl~

Josh said...


According to your MySpace, it looks like you're playing in a small Ohio town (Circleville) about an hour north of where my wife and I live. We live just south of Dayton, Ohio. Three bedroom house; plenty of room. You and your friends are welcome anytime. If you'd like, you could stay before and after your Circleville show and even between your Pittsburgh and Indianapolis shows. Just drop me a line.

Josh Millburn

Anonymous said...

Josh I possibly have a place for you to stay tonight (6/23) in Orlando. If interested shoot me an email at and I'll give you a number to call.


Jesse Huth said...
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Sabrina said...

I am in love with your music (and you =p) though I live in London so can't get to any of your concerts =(
Though if your ever in England I'd be happy to help out!
-Sabrina <33