Monday, April 20, 2009

Growing more and more i suppose

We are currently in Burlington, VT.
So so so so beautiful.
I really enjoy the northeast.
We have been blessed.
we have been touring with Ani Difranco.
She is incredible.
Her band is incredible.
Her friends and crew are all incredible.
Her fans are incredible.
We are blessed.
I hope none of us take for granted such opportunities.
Because they are grand.
They are beautiful.
This land is so enchanted/mystical/magical.
Its quite hard to put into words what is going through my head.
I want to swim naked in the lakes here.
I want to dance under moonlight.
I want to scream at the moon.
I want to forget who i am, what i've become, what i thought i was.
I want to remember all the times i have experienced in the past.
I want to hold close my lovers, my family, my friends.
I need to learn more.
I need to sing more.
I need to laugh more.
write more.
read more.
think more.
relate more.
love more.

talk less.

we are what we are until we DECIDE it to not be so.

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mother of 2 said...

I just want to tell you how brilliant I thought your lyrics were. I was at the April 18th show in Skowhegan Maine. I ALWAYS go and see ani whenever she comes to Maine and I must say that you are by far the best performer to ever open for her. Your voice is so unique and memorable.The song "Crash this train" really touched me and I just wanted to thank you for doing what you do. You are truly inspiring to me. The way you express yourself through your writing is so real and raw and you don't see that too often nowadays, which is another reason I LOVE Ani. You truly do belong touring with her, a perfect opener for someone like her. Again, Thank you, a very enjoyable performance. I would love to pick your brain a little and maybe swap stories. I hitch hiked cross country from Maine to California and I performed on the streets along the way to fund my journey and I think that maybe we could share some like minded travel stories.