Sunday, May 24, 2009

i wish i had more time to express.
blogging .... or this.
is very excitable for me.

i want to say, see so much.

but alas i probably won't.
i shall soon.
stick with me.
let me.
you and me.


nathalie said...

well those times you do blogging,expressing..or this. it's beautiful

briana dale said...

mornings are za

Riana Grace said...

Do you have a new album coming out soon?

I hope so.

M said...

i just got "the sun is..." in my mailbox.. i'm so happy. i will listen on it all the time. my english sucks, i know.. i'm from sweden.. it kind of explains it. haha. blablabla.. all my love to you, all min kärlek till dig, M

Anonymous said...

i heard you tonight for the first time.
i am amazed:)