Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A constant moment of thought.

I am, I am, I am
written on April 25th, 2009
(a time of discomfort)

I am helpless (at best)
I am trite (and terrible)
I am confused (and miserable)
I am alone (and conflicted)
I am fake (but sincere)
I am a wreck (completely)
I am troubled (but only sometimes)
I've learned to block out (all I know)
I can be hateful (but with caution)
I can be helpful (with a reason)
I am envious (of happiness)
I am ashamed (but i've dealt with it)
I am a killer (every day)
I am faithless (depending)
I don't like discussion (except with sincerity)
I am colorful (with captions)
I am sexual (with remorse)
I am angry (alot)
i am suicidal (with thought)
i am ridiculous (most of the time)
I am in love (truth)
I hate my songs (truth)
I am lost (without her)
I see no point (to most)
I see good reason (to little)
I am sick of dealing with (?)
I am childish (in dream)
I am a cyclone (of thought)
I have been buried alive (many times)
I feel depressed (about most)
I feel blackened (from inside)
I feel dark (unless with her)
I feel sick (I sure am (I'm sure))
I miss home (with all of me)
I have grown fat (with sugar)
I long for change (always)
I am furious (at the situation)
I am hungry (right now)
I know my words are meaningless (x)
I don't care (sometimes)
I don't need (never)
I am extremely needy (usually)
I am drunk (but control it well)
I am a liar (infrequently)
I care (about my lovers)
I long for happiness (always)
I have learned to feel nothing (doesn't work)
I hate smoking (usually)
I don't know much about who I am (x)
I wish for joy (always)
I pray to GOD (when needed)
I wish to be caring (but alas...)
I hate those that hurt me (Hate)
I have learned to ignore (what?)
I am not alright (nor desire it)
I hate music (now)
I need medicine (but alas...)
I will become something (let's hope)
I am being punished (for all of it)
I dislike laziness (see many)
I will become my worst (xx)
I am deciding (about alot)
I sing (many songs)
I swim (in confusion)
I approach things the wrong way (x)
I will give up (soon)

-joshua fred james (you!!!!!)

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Isak Vahlstedt said...

beautifully written.